How much do you know about volunteering?

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To build an inclusive and fair society, the participation of all is necessary. Getting involved in the problems that plague today’s society and showing empathy is the key to reaching higher levels of community and personal development. Click here for singapore charity volunteer.

Problem solving at the local level requires a global perspective, based on the principles of defense of human rights and sustainability. In that sense, volunteering makes us a change manager in our community, by providing time, skills and ideas in solving problems. Visit this site for singapore charity volunteer.

How do volunteers change society?

Volunteers seek a paradigm shift, by helping communities celebrate differences, promote integration and thus achieve social sustainability where everyone has the same opportunities.

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A volunteer must be an active person, able to work in a group, be committed to the cause and willing to contribute part of their time to plan actions, events, information sessions, as well as train and lead other team members.

It is an engine of personal development

Participating in an international volunteer is an excellent way to gain experience in many aspects. This type of work is considered as a source of knowledge in itself, either by the training you receive or by the type of projects in which you can get involved. Do not forget that any experience you live will be in the form of personal enrichment and why not, professional.

Improve your CV

Participating in an international volunteer is a good option when you want your CV to stand out from the rest. On the one hand, it will allow you to familiarize yourself with new practices and will bring you new capabilities, especially if the project you carry out is from a different sector than your studies. And, on the other hand, it represents the ideal opportunity to practice and improve other languages.

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