The Latest 2018 Game Guide for Choices: Stories You Play

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Choices: Stories You Play is one of the most popular games that will require emotional intelligence, tact and also logical reasoning. This is unique compared to the other mind-boggling games. This game is very engaging for players who are looking for fantasy adventures, emotional love stories, and also crime detection themed-games.

The unique selling point or the USP of this game is that the players would need to make “choices” which will greatly affect the outcome of the visual stories. This means that with the updated 2018 game guide for Choices, the player is in total control of the game. What happens on every stage will depend on the choices you make, just like in real life.

What You Need to Know About Choices: Stories You Play

This game comes with different visual narratives that are based on different genres. From romance and love to friends and family drama, fantasy adventures, and even crime mystery or horror. Everything in just one game. The player will choose from the different plots from the game. The narratives are interesting so you will never have a dull moment with this game. Choose your own story and the interactive storyboard will definitely get you hooked. This is a very simple app and is known to be user-friendly even to first-time users.

The 2018 Game Guide

Choices: Stories You Play was developed by Pixelberry Studios. This can be downloaded from your devices through the App Store for iPhones and iPads, and also through Google Play for Android devices. As NEDA partners, the team at Pixelberry provides you with different scenarios that can educate, create awareness, and entertain their user.

The app for both Android and Apple devices can be downloaded for free. But just like other games, this will also require a lot of in-app purchases for you to continue in the game with its advanced format. This app is very known to teenagers worldwide. It is one of the highest-rated games.

Free Keys and Diamonds this 2018

If you are playing Choices, you would want to know ways on how to get free keys and diamonds to seamlessly play the game. This will also give you more chances to access advanced items and formats. With the updated 2018 game guide for Choices, you can now have unlimited access to free keys and diamonds. Just follow the link and provide the necessary details. As easy as that. Now you can play the game and enjoy the freebies!

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