London contemporary architecture in a single family home – what does it look like?

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Among the projects proposed by contemporary London architects, you can find more and more proposals that are clearly different from other houses. A strong, minimalist London contemporary architecture style is developing more and more dynamically not only in industrial and urban construction but also in single-family housing and is becoming more and more popular.

Building a house in accordance with London contemporary architecture

Projects strictly modern, characterized by the avant-garde of geometry, are still intimidating average British investors, they are also more expensive – sometimes not much, sometimes much – depending on the size of the house and the originality of solutions. However, you can find modern house designs that are similarly cost-effective to classic proposals but are more interesting visually and highlight the individuality of the owners. British investors are gradually becoming more and more bold in this matter.

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Characteristics of London contemporary architecture style houses

Modernism in architecture is expressed through several main elements. These include, among others:

  • light, geometric shape,
  • avoiding symmetry,
  • flat roof,
  • a large number of windows or glazing,
  • the minimum number of internal partitions,
  • large, flat and uniform façade surfaces,
  • moderate decorations.

Modern homes are also built using different building materials. The use of concrete gets a completely different application and dimension. Next to it, glass and metals coexist, but wood also returns to favour – in a refreshed version, for example in the form of modern panels on facades. The ultimate goal in this type of projects is functionality and maximum space opening. Hence, the smallest number of internal partitions or a large number of windows.

Simplicity and functionality

Modern buildings designed by contemporary London architects are usually associated with fanciful shapes. Indeed, to a certain extent, modern designs created in accordance with London contemporary architecture are supposedto break the mould and surprise, but this is never a designer’s main feature – certainly not in the case of single-family house designs. Functionality and economy are the most important here. Designs of modern single-family houses have absolutely all the elements needed for the comfort of the family. They may or may not be larger than standard architectural proposals. An additional luxury can be the innovative technological solutions, such as central vacuuming system.

A contemporary house style – what is it exactly?

If you look at modern designs of single-family houses created by the best London architects (for example:  ) in accordance with the rules of London contemporary architecture, you can notice the maximum open space, striving to minimize operating costs and a different, interesting elevation, as well as the very shape of the building. For example, extensive terraces on roofs, windows without partitions – sometimes locally in a non-standard shape, glazed staircases, bright colours of the facade, in which wood surfaces are mixed with plastered ones. It is also typical for that kind of design that the main entrance is not so clearly put in the foreground compared to traditional projects.

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