All about Bitcoins – Know its value

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Crypto currency is nothing but electronic money that is not controlled by any financial bodies like banks. Bit coin is one of the crypto currencies that exist in the world which was created by a group or individual programmer in the name of Satoshi nakamoto and the smallest unit of bitcoin is Satoshi which is named after its inventor.

This digital money has high trading volume than any other crypto currencies and its usage is increasing rapidly every day.  It uses block chain technology to track the transactions and this is a ledger which is visible to all bitcoin users. Though it is a public record, it is still anonymous as only the public address of users are displayed whereas, this address can be changed at any time and for any number of times.


The trade volume of bitcoin can be decided by bitcoin price which has been constantly increasing for many years. The price of bit coins will be always fluctuating for so many reasons and is extremely volatile.  These crypto currencies are created by a process called mining and the person who mine them are called bitcoin miners, this money can also be exchanged for other currencies, services and produces.

Some of the greatest reasons for using them are, they can be used to buy merchandise without exposing their identity and also with bit coins, international payments are made easy and transactions fee are extremely less.  Bitcoins have numerous benefits and so make use of this digital money

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