How To Try Growing Your Own Rutabagas

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Rutabaga is also known as Swede turnips, are root vegetables that are grown in a cold climate. This crop is from the brassica kind, which includes turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. Rutabagas are often mistaken to be turnips, but one should know they’re completely different; rutabagas come with yellowish flesh.

They have turnip-like roots with a tint of bluish to greenish-colored leaves that resembles that of cabbage leaves.

Everything about Rutabagas

  • Plant these rutabagas during late summer. This is done for them to mature in the cool fall weather. A simple trick is to count 90 days back from one’s first frost fall.
  • Gap the plants ranging from 12 to around 18 inches on fertile and well-drained soil in a pH scale of around 5.5 to 6.9.
  • Before try growing your rutabagas, give these young plants a good foundation by combining several inches, including aged compost and other organic matter in the soil.
  • Productive rutabagas constantly rely on water, so it is recommended to use drip irrigation or soaker horse to keep the plants happy.

Caring for rutabagas

Growing these plants isn’t that hard; the biggest challenge is the timing of one’s planting. Because these roots ripen best in the cool weather, they are better when planted when they mature in the cold weather. Rutabagas are the bed or as fall crop or as winter crop when it comes to warmer zones. They require around 80 to 90 days to harvest. As mentioned before, the cooler regions count back around 90 days back to the date before fall. This way, one can find one’s area on the fall maps.

To conclude, gardening is something that once started can’t be stopped. It is this reason why people love gardening. Rutabagas are worth the effort one takes. These grow well in the winter, and one can easily grow your rutabagas. The reason why people love these is probably that they are completely worth the effort is taken to grow them. They look amazing and also taste splendid. It is this reason why many just like the idea of gardening.

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