I Know About Popular: Choose from the Most Popular Spa Treatments

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The massage is perhaps the most popular spa treatment. It being around for about a thousand years or more and has many health benefits, it is no wonder spas provide them as one of their spa treatments.

Facials and body treatments, such as salt glows and body wraps, are also some of the other popular spa treatments. There are also spas that include a salon, with offers such as haircuts, coloring, styling, and make-up, and a nail salon that offers spa mani-pedis (manicure and pedicure). Others also have their signature services, like a combination of different treatments, especially spas in hotels and resorts.

Below is a list of the basic treatments of what a Massage Spa can offer to you:


The Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are the two most popular massages.

The very well-known Swedish massage has firm strokes that cover the whole body but does not include deep, focused, work Meanwhile, the deep tissue massage does include focused work specifically on tight areas and also has firmer pressure.

There is also the aromatherapy massage, it uses essential oils to help achieve different purposes but typically for relaxation. The therapist will ask you to take a sniff of each oil they have and you will pick which one you think works best for you.

Then there is the hot stone massage. Smooth, rounded basalt stones are used in this massage type where they were heated in water; they retain the heat well. The stones are an extension to the therapist’s hand which they can also place on your belly, hands or back. The muscles are relaxed, warming them up, all because of the heat. This type of massage requires special and certain skills, so the quality may be different from expected.special massages

Specialty Massages

These types of massages need special training and their availability is not very common, such as Thai massage or reflexology.

For pregnant women, a prenatal massage would be best. The therapists are equipped with special training, techniques, equipment, and precautions.

There is a sports massage if you are in any kind of pain or restriction due to activities that you enjoy.


These are the second most popular spa treatments. They also have different types, such as the anti-aging facial, deep-cleansing facial, and European facial.

But there is no need to worry about the choices. Their main differences lie in the skincare products that they use, but aside from that, they all have the same basic steps:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Massage
  • Mask

Communicate with the staff to be able to understand which facial would be best for you.

Body Treatments

Body treatments can be done at home. But it will not be as effective, relaxing, or thorough as the ones done in spas.

From a basic body scrub, you can expect some exfoliating from your outermost, dead skin cells with a sugar scrub (gentler),  salt scrub (rougher), or a type of exfoliant, such as coffee grounds or fruit enzymes which gently loosens the inter-cellular bonds. Typically, what follows is a shower or lotion application.

This body scrub can be done by itself, but oftentimes, it is combined with a body wrap that either hydrate (adds moisture to the skin) or detoxifies (anything with seaweed, clay, or mud).

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