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A “low profile” is often taken as a sign of humility in people. But, not in the world of Casters. “Casters” here is the engineering name for wheels , which create mobility for small equipment and furniture. “Low profile” (LP) means that the caster has been designed with equilibrium as the focus. The caster must be able to carry the load intended, inclusive of Safety factor, but also must not topple easily. To achieve this condition, the centre of gravity must be kept within the total wheel base, for which the caster units must be designed to be as low and stable as possible. In addition, the material, and the sectional thickness provided, must be of sufficient mechanical strength to prevent shearing and mechanical failure. Fashionable considerations are of less importance, though of course the device must be visually attractive to the Buyer, perhaps bright coloration and packaging. Rather, the true, consideration is the resistance to toppling, the smoothness of travel and the strength to withstand loading. Factors like fatigue, aging and rust ingress are equally important. Low Profile Casters provide the best solution for turning static, obstructive equipment and furniture into mobile applications, with constantly adjustable positions to maximize convenience.


Some Top Applications

LP Casters find wide application, in a variety of fields. LP Caster wheels with high Load Capacity , Balance, and Mobility, but with low visual presence in order to highlight the piece of equipment being carried, but do the job    Some of the best applications, are for Furniture, Business machines, Laboratory Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Medical Equipment, and so on.

So Many Uses

Lighter equipment like Defibrillator Machines and Portable X-Ray Machines for Clinical Medicine, Bedside Tables, Sofa sets and Closets in Furniture, Computer Tables for PC’s,  all use these light but strong Caster Wheels to provide movement to the equipment being carried. These Casters are rated between 180 pounds to 300 pounds load capacities, which is quite enough for the class of equipment concerned. Typically, these Casters consist of a 2 inch Wheel with a TPR, Polyolefin Dual or Single Wheel, with a threaded Stem.

High Load Capacity

Heavier applications include Copiers, Vending Machines, Refrigerated Displays and Refrigerators, Computer Storage Devices and Electronic Cabinets. These Casters can carry 700-1000 pounds load. And are supplied with Sure-lok or Thumbscrew Breaks, to lock the equipment in place, during operation. Low Profile Casters permeate every inch of our daily lives.

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