Is it Legal Buying Cannabis Online?

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Purchase of the cannabis seeds as the collector’s item and for other reasons than growing weed generally is considered totally legal. But, legality of the cannabis seeds is very confusing. Most of the countries tolerate its use, cultivation and possession of the small quantities of the weed, and some countries have the total ban whereas many countries are legalizing the cannabis and working over it. But, cannabis seeds are the separate story in today’s discussion.

Are these seeds legal?

In the year 1962, one single Convention on the Narcotic Drugs signed by over 180 Member countries for a context of the global legislation, which considers cannabis the illicit substance. Not its seed. Strictly seen, the cannabis seed isn’t a weed or the drug. This seed has no narcotic components thus you will not get stoned and high from this. What makes it complicated is you may grow the weed plant from the cannabis seed.

Technically seeds are totally legal in 180 member countries. And in theory, it is legal to buy the cannabis seeds providing they aren’t germinated and public prosecutor cannot prove you plan to grow the cannabis. Most of the countries do not see seeds as illegal however not as legal. This seed itself is allowed, however germination of seed is not always. Lots of ambiguity.

Having said that, regulations about cannabis seeds will change every time. As it is just impossible to keep the regulations for every country, presented information must not at all be interpreted as the legal advice. Besides, we do not encourage purchase of the cannabis seeds to the citizens from the countries where these seeds are found illegal.


If you purchase cannabis seeds quite often from some cannabis seed shop this rule does not apply, but if you are planning to purchase cannabis seeds for a first time & do this safely, we suggest you begin with the small order

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