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For fitting of current type of cam lock frame the retro type of locks are most useful. There will be no need for trying and replacing the lock size. retrofit locks are also designed with master key feature .this helps us to prevent the dependency on locking with physical key. There is a good convenient feature for retro fit locks and they provide good security service by code configuration.


The main advantage of this retro type is help full to place the lock inside the room itself without changing any pattern of the lock. For the reason these are mostly used in houses .in few places there will be high traffic movements where there is more chances for missing of locks. That time retro fit locks are best options for use.

cabinate locks

There won’t be any missing key worries if you have retro lock with you. Many ask why they won’t be keyless, the reason is they are set in such a way they will have configurable codes. Initially the user should place a four digit code immediately after you get it, later on whenever in use you can applicable the same. Retro type of key has master key control on it. These types are used mechanically.

There is good safety and convenience for codes. There is a good, plastic type, metal and wooden type of locks. Retro fit locks are installed so easily .They is most preferred one in Malaysia. Lock and key brands have many numbers of locks, and other locker systems for customer convenience.

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