Swedish massage: how to do it and the benefits

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The classic maneuvers of Swedish massage

There are numerous interpretations of the Swedish massage, each being however based on six classic maneuvers . Here they are:

Touch . It is the main technique of classic massage. With the open hand, large, slow and circular movements are performed that gently massage the areas of the body massage therapy in Fort Worth, TX.

Kneading . This maneuver allows you to act more deeply on the muscles. The movement resembles the action of kneading bread and consists in holding the area to be massaged between the thumb in opposition to the middle and index finger.

Clutch . The technique is similar to brushing but in this case the action of the hands is more energetic and in addition to relaxing, it aims to warm up the treated area.

Vibration . The maneuver consists of rapid movements that shake the muscles. Depending on the area treated, the fingertips or the part of the hand near the wrist are used.

Drumming . It consists in stimulating and invigorating the treated area through tapping or percussion.

Traction . This maneuver should be performed when the muscles are completely relaxed. For this reason it is the technique that usually concludes the Swedish massage. It is a kind of passive stretching that favors the elongation of the limbs.


The benefits of the Swedish massage are manifold and are manifested mainly by a feeling of general relaxation. Through the variety of its maneuvers it is possible to obtain different positive effects on the body. In fact, it is effective in eliminating muscle tension and improving joint mobility; stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation , thus proving to be an excellent ally in combating cellulite ; promotes tissue oxygenation.

Swedish massage also contributes to improving the beauty of the skin , making it more toned and elastic and contributing to the elimination of toxins from the body.

The benefits of the Swedish message relate not only to physical health but also to psychological health. The deep sensation of relaxation that it gives to the body expands to the mind, making this treatment useful also to combat stress and anxiety.

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