Give your skin the care it misses

Do you know that our skin is the largest organ covering our body, yet we give it the slightest attention? The fault is entirely not our’s; daily dirt, stress, dust, and pollution cause our skin to lose its natural glow over the period, and we hardly notice it during the process. The general stage of skin deterioration is when aging symptoms appear, such as fina-lines, dark spots, lesions, and sagging of skin under the eyes, nostrils, and lips. But why wait for the d-day when you can start nourishing your skin today? Begin with the egf hydrating cream singapore. Their hydrating and nourishing formula keeps your skin smooth and maintains its natural texture.

egf hydrating cream singapore

The key benefits of using the serums

You must understand the fundamental difference between a serum and a cream. The cream is usually based on glycerine and has a creamy texture; it is adsorbed in the skin but is not entirely absorbed in the deeper layers due to its thick consistency. While the serum is liquid based, its thin consistency makes it easy to penetrate the deeper layers of our skin. Thus, the serum is more hydrating, with no rushing than a cream. At the same time, the EGF serum is a pro in this case. Its posture locking technology naturally maintains the ph balance, reduces the aging effects over time, and protects skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our range of products.

We produce a variety of skin care products because we know that glowing, supple skin adds to your confidence immensely. Our hyaluronic acid formula of serums acts as biological age booster. It repairs and rejuvenates old skin cells. Visit our store online to know more about our products.

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