Commercial printing services in Hickory, NC and the Changing Trends

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Commercial printing has been consistently popular since the invention of printing. Public figures, political figures, and many others quickly realized the value of mass printing ability. Much of the world changes as the centuries go by, but the appeal to printing options remains constant.

Commercial Printing Industry Statistics and Growth

Understanding the growth potential and steady interest in commercial printing, it is evident that the industry is still booming. It’s also easy to understand why most companies like commercial printing services in Hickory, NC expand their annual print budgets to increase their exposure in the market.

Many companies specialize in commercial printing, which generates very high annual revenues. Digital print, including advertising, is growing by an average of 10% per year 70% of companies use direct mail campaigns, technological efficiency increased profit margins by more than 20% in the last five years

Top trends in Commercial printing:

Commercial printing efforts continue to grow. Outstanding industry leadership in commercial printing services in Hickory, NC, and advanced technology allow new products and services to be added to the menu every year.

1 Design Service

Other print companies expanded to a team of graphic designers and digital print experts. Growing this field of business ensures that the company is competitive in the market. Instead of relying solely on print revenue, these companies can now earn income from logo design, photo retouching, and website design.

  1. Shimmering/Sparkling Print

The shimmering technique highlights one or more areas of the print design to make it stand apart from the rest of the page with shimmering or even three-dimensional effects. This finished product is in high demand as a restaurant menu, wedding invitations, and even business cards.

  1. Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting is a second priority production technique expected to trend throughout 2021. This process is more complicated than “Shimmering” and gives the same dramatic effect. Laser cutting can be used for accurate cutting on any material to achieve the correct finished size. However, it is quickly becoming more popular for greeting cards and invitations designs. Laser cutting allows the printer to accurately decipher even the most refined designs, such as soft leaves,creating a unique textured effect.

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