Get Feng Shui Consultation From Overseas

Classical Feng Shui is used to harness the positive qi or energy of your household. If you want harmony in your surroundings for good wealth and health, Feng Shui is a good option. Adelina pang offers overseas feng shui for singaporean.

People of different nationalities and cultures can implement her teachings at their homes or office places for prosperity. To do this, you need to sign a full Feng Shui audit of your house or workplace.

overseas feng shui for singaporean

What do they offer to the client?

You will get the following things after signing up for the audit.

  • Client birth chart analysis report and natal chart construction
  • Property interior analysis report.
  • Professional survey and consultation of the layout of a house.
  • Information about the preferred direction and the changes that can be made.
  • Time on which the client can make those changes.
  • Reviewing the plans after the changes.
  • Summary of the complete audit by the team.


Overseas survey

Adelina Pang can also offer overseas Feng Shui for Singaporean. It is the client’s responsibility to cover the overseas travel and other expenses charges. Adelina will also provide the consultation through phone calls and emails. The clients will cover the phone bills just like the travel charges.

You can achieve a balance in your life by implementing the advice of Adelina pang. You will also learn how to direct your qi into preferable places. It will improve the health and good being of a person entering that space. So, don’t hesitate and book your Feng Shui consultation now!

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