Is It Possible to Have a Loose Vagina – Know All Points About It?

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Many superstitions and myths are associated with the tightness of the vagina sitting in people’s minds. Many of these myths are situated in people’s minds because of many popular cultures. Vagina tightness is only the pelvic floor muscles’ product or outcome. It is essential to keep in mind that the tightness of the vagina has no connection with the size of the vagina and the size of the vagina canal. Because of various myths and superstitions, people always want to know whether is it possible to have a loose vagina?

Pelvic Floor Muscles – Know All Points

The pelvic floor muscles are those muscles that surround the lower body organ in a particular shape of a hammock. These are the pelvic muscles that get affected when the question arises in the mind of people is it possible to have a loose vagina? These muscles cover the parts of the reproductive system and the excretory system like the bladder, uterus, and rectum.

Symptoms of Weak Pelvic Muscles

Many issues are caused if the pelvic muscles become weak. Some of the underlined and significant symptoms caused due to weakening of the pelvic muscles are the incontinence of the urinary, prolapse of the pelvic, incontinence of the bowel, bulging of the vagina, pain in the pelvic region, sexual discomfort, and many more.

Causes of Weak Pelvic Muscles

It is essential to know the reasons that cause the weakening of the pelvic musclesto remain prevented from the decay of pelvic muscles. It is necessary to know about the reasons causes that are responsible for this weakening. The grounds are chronic coughing, vaginal childbirth, lifting heavy weights, bowel movements, a gain of weight, hormonal change, and many more.


Vaginal tightening and losing loss are connected with different kinds of superstitions & myths in the mind of the people. One must get complete knowledge of the pelvic muscles. Lower abdomen organic and biological system, cause of weakening if losing pelvic muscles and symptoms of weak pelvic muscles.

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