Myths Uncovered About Massage Gift Cards

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Despite being popular in the U.S., giving someone a massage gift card is somehow seen as not personal enough. Sure, it’s super thoughtful to give someone the gift of relaxation, and a massage certificate might be just what they need to help them de-stress. But many people assume that this is too impersonal — because we all know how we feel about getting an impersonal gift for Christmas, right?

The truth is that everyone loves to be pampered – and there are plenty of reasons why receiving a massage from a professional might be one of your favorite gifts ever. But we thought we’d spend some time exploring the myths and real facts about massage gift cards in Omaha, NE – to give you the full picture.

As you’ll see below, there are lots of reasons why a massage gift certificate might be more thoughtful than you may think. So let’s take a look at whether it’s time to move past the fact that no one likes receiving an impersonal gift certificate for Christmas.

massage gift cards in Omaha, NE

Myth 1: Massage Gift Certificates Are Too Personal or Too Purchase-Inducing

The truth is that massage gift certificates are often just as personal, as or even more personal than other holiday or birthday gifts. For example, if you’re giving someone a massage gift certificate for Christmas, it’s not as personal as wrapping them a gift. But in many ways, it is as personal as giving them a card with a handwritten note inside.

Myth 2: Massage Gift Certificates Are Too Expensive

Many people assume that a massage gift certificate is far too expensive to be acceptable for anyone to give as a gift. And that may be true – but only if you’re giving it as a gift in its own right, rather than using it to pay for a massage at a high-quality provider.

Myth 3: Massage Gift Certificates Are Too Cheap and Inadequate

Many massage therapists believe that a massage gift certificate is too cheap and inadequate as a gift. But that’s not the case – you can purchase a decent quality massage in many cases for just around $50 to $200. Or, you could give someone the option of getting a couple of cheap massages – or one more expensive long-term massage package.

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