The best centres for ADHD Kids Therapy Singapore

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurological disorder that is a common problem in the world and it is believed that early intervention can treat ADHD disorder or at least let the children lead a normal life in the future. If we talk about Singapore, 5% of Singaporean kids have ADHD and Singapore has limited medicine for ADHD, so their main focus is on kids therapy and making the parents aware of the conditions. So, if you are looking for ADHD kids therapy Singapore for your kid therapy or diagnosis there are many choices in Singapore, so to help you we have selected centres that have the best facilities in Singapore.

But first, lets us tell you some conditions of kids with ADHD.

Indications that your kid might have ADHD

  • Hyperactive
  • Love to be alone or talk less with people
  • Tend to lose focus
  • Emotional or get irritated easily

  • Impulsive in doing things
  • Forgetfulness is not so common in kids

These are some signs which will indicate that your kid has ADHD.

List of the best ADHD kids therapy centres in Singapore

The best kids therapy centres will provide a calm environment for your kid and make your kid comfortable so, it’s crucial to find the right centres and professional centres which have great customer reviews and high-quality practitioners.

  • Spark
  • Kids therapy
  • IFN Singapore
  • Clarity and Focus Pte Ltd
  • The Early Intervention Center
  • The Gifted Lab
  • SACAC Counseling
  • Developmental & Behavioural Paediatric Services (NUH)
  • Child Guidance Clinic
  • Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids

These are the best ADHD kids therapy centres in Singapore that you can find. You can search about them on the internet and select the nearest centre for your kid.



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