How Google Lens on PC Can Help You Get Things Done Faster?

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These days, we’re all busy, whether it’s with work, school, or other life responsibilities. As a result, our time is more valuable than ever before, and if you can save even just an extra minute per day by using Google Lens on PC over your smartphone camera, then you’ll be far ahead of the game. Here are some top ways google lens for pc can help you get things done faster so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Helps to Identify Various Things

Google Lens help you identify the following things: text, books, music albums, movies and TV shows, landmarks and buildings.

  • Text – If you want to get more information about a book or other piece of text that you find in your day-to-day life, just point your phone’s camera at it.
  • Books – There are many features that make Google Book Search better than any other search engine. It’s a great place to find books by topic or to find all the books written by a particular author.
  • Music Albums – The screen will show you the album cover and give you the opportunity to hear snippets from each song in turn.
  • Movies and TV Shows – With Google Photos for example, you can find specific photos by searching for a film title or actor name. And when you scroll through an actor’s photo library, clicking on an actor name takes you straight to that person’s filmography.
  • Landmarks and Buildings – Need directions? Point your device’s camera at a street sign with directions on it—Google Lens automatically extracts the address so that you don’t need to type anything!

Scan QR Codes

The most exciting feature of Google Lens is the ability to scan QR codes. If you’re not familiar, QR codes are these little square images that can hold a lot of information. They’re often used for everything from business cards to contact information, and now you can use them with your computer!

With your webcam or phone’s camera, open up Chrome and point it at the QR code. Then just click on the text box below the image and paste in any URL or phone number that you want to enter into your device. That’s all there is to it!  These are some of the amazing features of using Google lens.

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